Is There Anything To Flush Crystal Meth From My System?


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It depends on the test if blood no.. Only48 hours.. If pee lots and lots of water. I passed many a urine test when I was a teenager but am happily clean for years now:)  I would be honored to provide a reading on your future if you please contact me for a  live session~
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Only time will flush out meth. Meth is water soluble, unlike weed, which is fat soluble and needs to be flushed out to pass a drug test. But meth (and coke) will be out of a person's system in 3-5 days, to be safe, plan on 5 days.
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The best way to clean your system of crystal meth is to drink a lot of water and have a balanced diet.
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You need o flush it I'm sure so that you can pass a test either to avoid going to jail or to be able to keep/see your kids. First of all my advice.....stop doing meth, go into rehab and get your life back, my baby sister is a drug addict who wil die on the streets and it all started with one time doing meth, stop being retarded, your life is worth more than a drug.
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Look I had a friend who did this crazy sh** he said it works but well I have no idea
its aloe vera and cranberry juice
Take about a half inch to an inch worth of the Aloe vera leaf, and chop it up until you reach the translucent part of the plant. The translucent part of the Aloe vera plant is the part you will want to eat. So take away all of the darker green skin that you see, until you only have te translucent part
And then, place it in some cranberry juice and put it in a blender and enjoy once again this was only something my friend did  so who knows might work

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