What Does A Gram Of Crystal Meth Cost?


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On average - in the United States - you can expect to pay around eighty dollars for a gram of crystal meth.

A quarter of a gram will set you back twenty dollars and half a gram will normally cost about forty dollars.

How much is a gram of crystal meth?
  • Methamphetamine (also known as crystal meth, crank, glass or ice) stimulates the central nervous system of a user. The drug has a similar molecular structure to amphetamine.
  • The drug can be taken orally, snorted through the nostrils, injected intravenously with a needle or smoked with the use of an "ice pipe".
  • Methamphetamine acclerates production of the naturally-occuring chemical, dopamine, in the brain - and blocks the reuptake of it. This creates artifically-high levels of the substance in the brain of the user.
  • Dopamine is the chemical responsible for feelings of reward, motivation, pleasure and - in large amounts - euphoria.
  • Because methamphetamine use tampers with the reward region of the brain, it is highly addictive and very, very difficult to give up once a user is hooked.
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Depending on where you are, a gram of Crystal Meth typically cost around $100.
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.80g - half a t  = $40.00
1.75g - t = $100.00
3.5g - ball = $150.00 to $200.00
28.0 - 1once = $1000.00 +
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Really all depends on where you are. In Seattle you can get a good gram for 60$ a T (1.7 grams) 100$ then a ball and so on and so forth, but from what I know and the answers I have read on here anywhere from 60 to 100 depending on where in the US you are.
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As of 2014 in areas of Seattle meth is cheaper for the higher purity than it ever has been.

Current prices being reported:
50 a gram
75-85 a T
130-145  for an 8 Ball.

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In Chicago, for glass grade

.25 g =$40

1g = $120

1.7g (teener) = $180

3.75 ball = $360

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