How To Get Meth Out Of Your System Fast?


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  • Removing drugs from your system
There is no way to 100% get any drug out of your body any faster than your body can usually get rid of it. Once a drug is in your blood stream you simple have to wait for your body to expel it naturally.

  • Detoxes
There is a detox kit known as Total Eclipse Definite Detox, which claims to get rid of 'toxins' in the body quickly. The kit is specifically designed for recreational drug users who may have a random drugs test. It works by adding a specially designed powder to large amounts of water. The kit is expensive and reviews across the Internet suggest that it is not very affective.

Other methods that people use to try to get a drug out of their system quickly include drinking large quantities of cranberry juice as this is also known to have detoxification qualities.

  • How long does meth stay in the system for?

Meth usually stays in the system for 2-3 days and should not show up on a drugs test 3 days after usage.

If you believe that you may have a drugs test then it is best to avoid any kind of drugs completely as it could take a few days to get it out of your system as everyone is different. Meth can be an extremely dangerous and addictive drug.

  • What is Meth?

Meth is a psychoactive drug and is a shortened version of its name 'Methamphetamine'. When people take meth they are known to feel extremely alert with high levels of energy. If high doses of meth are taken, people can also feel euphoric with high levels of self-esteem. It is this euphoric feeling that people want to experience and this is one of the reasons that the drug is addictive for many people. Meth increases dopamine in the brain and is also known to treat ADHD and obesity.
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From a 10 yr former meth addict:

First and most importantly...  STOP using!

Lots & lots of water (more than the recommended 8 glasses a day)
exercise (you need to sweat out all the poisons you've ingested)
take a daily multivitamin (to repair the cells you've damaged)
develop a relationship with God (he IS the Savior!)
Start looking at yourself in a different way.
Forgive yourself from your past.
Respect yourself & your future.
Look at all the people suffering in this world & be thankful that you can be saved.
ACCEPT yourself (the good, bad, and the ugly)- once you can do this, there's no reason to keep "escaping" from reality.
LOVE yourself.

Good luck!
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Drink a shitload of water.
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Drink lots of water and stop doing it
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Not a thing except lots of time will help as detectable traces of any drug can now remain for up to 6 months after last usage and anything used to eliminate these traces will be detected as a covering agent
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Take vitamin k. If you're going to use Niacin than do it a day before a ua, they test for that to. Drink at least 2 gallons of cranberry Juice.
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It will take around 10 days if you drink gallons of water daily. 8 days if you drink more. Urine a lot.

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