Why Do I Get White Clearish Discharge As I Poop?


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  • Talk to your doctor

If you are worried about the discharge that appears when you poop you should definitely see your doctor. Your doctor will be able to tell you if there is a problem and begin a course of medication if there is.

If you do not have a problem then your doctor can also reassure you that you are perfectly healthy and this will stop you worrying. It can be difficult to talk to a stranger about personal problems such as this but doctors are specially trained and have personal conversations with their patients all day so they will not be embarrassed and will be used to talking about such a problem.

  • What is the clear discharge that I get when I poop?

If you have excessive amounts of discharge as your poop it could mean that you have a medical problem. A small amount of mucus surrounding your poop is normal and nothing to worry about but if there is a lot of mucus it could be one of the following things; IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), a bacterial infection, an obstruction in the bowel, ulcerative colitis or possibly even Chrohn's disease.

If you have mucus when you poop it is produced by the large intestine and this is what protects the lining of the mucus as stools travel through it. It does not necessary mean that you are suffering from an illness if you pass a small amount of mucus; but large quantities indicate a problem.

  • Vaginal discharge as I poop

Vaginal discharge is usually nothing to worry about, particularly if it is white or clear and does not have a strong odor or thick texture. It is nothing to worry about if you have vaginal discharge when you poop.
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That means that if you havent gotten your menstruation then you will probably get it soon or if you have gotten your menstruation you should ask your doctor

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