WELL, I Have White Stuff That Comes Out Of My Virginia, And I Know That It Normal Sometimes And That Its Suppose To Happen Before You Have You Period... BUT I Get That White Stuff All The Time.. Is That BAD? Im Done My Period But Im Still Getting It?


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Well,,,sometimes your body sheds mucus as a way to cleanse itself. But unless it is fowl in odor, or has a greenish or yellowish color to it I wouldnt worry about it. It does not sound like a danger in any way as you have described it, but if you are still feeling concerned you must go to a doctor for educated advice.
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Could be a heavy yeast infection.
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That's what I was thinking too, that and how one person can claim possession of an entire state! (Virginia) LOL
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I have noticed that a lot of these people do not know how to spell Vagina. Maybe they think that it is a bad word that will cause the question to be removed. Maybe they are just ignorant, like me.
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Maybe i hit the nail on the head with my comment, as it has been moderated. Rotflol
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Actually, I have the white stuff all the time and it's kind of yellowish. It smells but not that bad. It's just white blood.

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