Is White Discharge Normal During Dog Pregnancy?


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Is white discharge during dog pregnancy normal?

Yes, this kind of white discharge is perfectly normal in canine pregnancy.

Usually, this discharge is odorless, and is string-like in its appearance.

During the advanced stages of pregnancy, however, the color and consistency of this discharge may change slightly.

You should be wary of any of the following kinds of discharge:

  • A bloody or pus-like discharge.
  • If the amount of discharge increases and becomes more frequent.
  • Any green or yellow discharge.
  • If any discharge begins to have an odor.
If your dog begins to secrete any of the above, then you should contact your vet. These are usually signs of an infection, which can be a very serious problem in a pregnant dog.

All types of infections - parasitic, bacterial and fungal - will affect the mother dog more during this period of vulnerability. Also, the infection can easily be passed on to the puppies.

A vet will be able to properly diagnose the problem, and will usually be able to start your dog on a course of antibiotics to fight the infection.

To sum up, this white discharge is normal, but any other forms of discharge may be a concern.
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A slight white discharge is normal during canine pregnancy. Also slight spotting of red, during the first couple of weeks after conception is also considered normal.

If the discharge becomes heavy, profuse, or is accompanied by fever, lethargy, refusal of food, seek medical attention asap.

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