White Sticky Discharge During Early Pregnancy Is Normal Or Not Plz Suggest?


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If by white discharge you mean vaginal white discharge then this can be normal in both pregnant and non pregnant ladies provided this discharge is free from any odor, discomfort and itching. High hormones levels can cause increase in discharge and during pregnancy, hormonal levels are high. So, your discharge can be normal if it is odorless or without itching and burning sensation.
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Yes, I think it is normal
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White discharge is usually normal. Discharge might be thick , and it might be clear. All of this is normal. You also might notice that your discharge changes in color throughout your pregnancy period. But there are some signs that might be a problem like green discharge and very sticky discharge. However, if you notice any major changes in your discharge, you might visit now your doctor so that it prevent or take look in your case.
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I do hope its normal, my girl is possibly 3 and half weeks pregnant and she has cloudy discharge that just hangs from her, like a thick drop of urine, yet it doesnt drip.

Good luck :)

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