Is White Milky Discharge Normal?


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yes it is normal for that to happen, when it colored and has an oder, then you should tell your mother so she take you to the doctor. Having discharges is a natural way for a woman's body to release fluids she no longer needs, it is nature so don't be afraid, but if you don't understand something that is happen to your body ask your mother or an adult you can trust, not another child okay, because most of your friends are don't know and if they said they do, it's only for them to try to seem all grown up, when they have no idea themselves okay, be smart.
Make sure you start wearing panty shields okay.
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It depends.

Most women have some sort of white discharge which is normal for the body to produce. But if it has an odor, or there is any itching, redness, or the discharge is thick and looks like cottage cheese, then it could be a vaginal infection such as a yeast infection. See What color is your vaginal discharge for more info about trying to decide what is normal and what isn't.
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As long as it stays white and doesn't smell bad, this is perfectly normal. She is in puberty and her body is preparing to start periods. There is nothing she can take to make them start sooner than her body is ready, and there is no predicting when that will be
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I have it all the time and its a little slimy and icky but .. I think its normal I never really asked (btw)  !!
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All women have discharge but if it has a funny odour and it itches then it is probably a yeast infection
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This is perfectly normal. This is her body starting to develop hormones. As long as it doesn't have a browny tint to it and doesn't smell bad it's perfectly fine at 11 years old. There are no pills for starting a period sooner and to be honest I wouldn't like to anyway. Life without periods was much easier. She's a child. The longer it is until she starts, the better. I didn't start til 15 after all my friends, I wasn't jealous of them thats for sure.
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Hi I am 16 yrs old n get white discharge in fluid as well as in clot form wen I think or see intimate videos on sites is it normal will this affect me after marriage i.e. I will get pregnant na?? Inspite of having this excessive discharge...
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Maybe its better if her mother knows about it and would go to a gynecologist... I had a neighbor that has the same case, she was 4 years. Old & her mother told me that her daughter has this kind of problem she said that she once smelled it but it has an unpleasant odor. She had been alarmed so they went into a gyne and the gyne told them that it was an infection! So better ask also a gyne asap...

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