Can A Pregnant Woman Feel The Baby Kick Her Stomach During The First Month Through Third Month?


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I have never heard of that. Most people feel it around the 5th month. Remember in the first trimester the baby is still very small (the size of a grape at two months) However I have been pregnant a few times and I remember having the sensation that something was moving ..early on..the doctor told me it must be a gas bubble or something lol.
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Its unlikely to feel kicks an movements then... But if you do they will just feel like gas bubbles.
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I'm 13 weeks pregnant and felt two kicks one after the other....I know it's not common but I know the difference between that and gas since I've been pregnant before but only felt my son at around 5 months.....pretty crazy I tell you
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Is is possible. Every pregnancy is different
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If you're feeling flutters and minor twinges it could be your baby; if you're feeling big kicks, it's most likely a muscle spasm from all the changes happening internally. I distinctly felt movement during the 10th week of my first pregnancy and again about the same time with my second. They say you're more likely to feel movement if the baby is situated closer to the front of your uterus, if you're particularly thin, and if you've been pregnant before (and are thus more likely to recognize the difference between movement and gas).

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