How Long Does Neurontin Stay In Your System?


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Usually between 7-10 hours after it has been taken. Neurontin exits the body in urine and is not converted into anything else throughout its journey and so should be out of the system pretty quickly. Metabolic rate can have an effect on the length of time in the body, but after 24 hours there should be none left in the body.

It is advised that in the case of a drugs test, Neurontin should not be taken for 24 hours before just to ensure that all traces are out of the system and would not show up. This suggests that after 24 hours there would be no trace of the drug in the body.

Neurontin is taken, in the most part, by sufferers of epilepsy. Although it is a relatively safe prescription drug it can occasionally result in side effects, including: Hyperactivity, dizziness, mood swings, depression, suicidal thoughts and agitation. These side effects are due to the fact that they work on chemicals and nerves in the body that can result in epileptic seizures. Side effects are rare and if they are experienced a doctor should be informed. Luckily, as I mentioned earlier, since Neurontin does not stay in the body long, side effects should disappear fairly quickly once the medication has been stopped.

In the case of a drug test being taken, it would be advised not to take this product for a minimum of 24 hours before the drugs test just to ensure it would definitely not impact on the results (although again 7 - 10 hours is generally enough).
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Neurontin has half-life of five to seven hours, if you have healthy kidneys. This means that with in 7 hours half of the Neurontin will be removed from your system, 75% removed in 14 hours and so on.
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My Aunt is on Neurontin for a couple of months and wanted me to ask for her, how long does this stay in the bloodstream? Wanted to know if it will fail a drug test?
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Neurontin is a medication used for Post therapeutic neuralgia. The effects of Neurontin can start within one week of the use or it may even not provide a cure to the pains of the patient. It was first used for the control of epilepsy but soon it was established that it can be helpful in other diseases too.

It can be used in various illnesses such as brain injury,sleep dysfunction, muscle cramps etc. Neurontin is considered as one of the drugs with very few known side effects but its usage should not be high, as the more you consume, the less benefits you get .

It is supposed to be taken 2 to 3 times a day after every three days for twice a week. There are different variants of Neurontin produced by Pfizer and Park Davis both with their own benefits, uses and side effects but both are considered as effective medicines for epilepsy and other illnesses.

The most important disadvantage of Neurontin is the fact that it does not work for everybody but its effects on those it worked for are excellent and it is been recommended by most of the doctors also.

The average time it takes to remain in your system is two days.
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It will vary from person to person, but generally it should be out of your body within about a week after you stop taking it.
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Neurontin has basically half life of five to seven hours, if you have healthy kidneys. That means that with in 7 hours half of the Neurontin will be removed from your system. See the link for details:

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