What Food Is Not Healthy During Pregnancy?


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A lot of fast food is not healthy it makes you worn out faster and tired take iron pills there good for your pregnancy. A lot of homemade food not to greasy or salty or pop. If you crave it , its ok to have a little because the baby craves it to. We love the stuff that is not healthy for us because it taste better.by the way good luck on your pregnancy and your new healthy baby.
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Foods containing caffeine are not recommended during pregnancy. Most chocolate has a high degree of caffeine. Also, one should avoid ingesting alcohol during pregnancy.
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Sushi is right, or anything that could contain even trace amounts of mercury are dangerous to eat while pregnant. Even some cooked seafood can have it depending on where it was farmed or caught.
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You really shouldn't eat sea food and soft cheeses during pregnancy.
Both of these can contain bacteria that can be harmful to you while you are pregnant. Doctors advise against eating these foods.
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The varied you food the better. Fat and fried food, artificial food, convenience foods, food with concentrates, aromatizers, dyes and substitutes are not healthy.

Strong drinks are not healthy during pregnancy. But if you terrifically want some you can drink a little bear or wine (better).
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During the period of pregnancy, the foods that are at no cost healthy are meals and desserts that are exceptionally high in sugar content. This may raise the blood pressure of the fetus. Secondly, one should avoid taking an excessive amount of coffee and caffeine. Smoking is not at all advised. Alcohol should be kept away from the pregnant mother. Other than this, one is always welcome to eat fruits, vegetables, cereals and fruit juices. The amount of cholesterol consumed should also be monitored on a regular basis.
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My doctor told me to avoid raw eggs, pate, meringue and soft ice cream ect, basically anything that is not fully cooked properly as it could contain a bug called listeria.
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You really shouldn't eat a steak that is still kinda pink either because it is bad for the baby!
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Hi I've heard that shell fish, and eggs should be avoided the first 3 or 4 months hope this helps.and good luck and happy new year
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When I was pregnant the DR told me not to drink a lot of caffiene or eat a lot of greasy foods but to eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies and a lot of lean meats like chicken and lean beef
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You can eat anything in pregnancy. The doctors do not forbid you to eat anything unless you have some kind of disease. Do not take unhealthy food which can disturb your stomach. Unhealthy foods include saturated fats, lack of antioxidants and fibres.

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