Are Banana's Good For Pregnant Women?


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Yes. Bananas contain a lot of vitamins and minerals which are healthy for women during pregnancy.

  • What pregnant women should eat: Fruit and vegetables
As mentioned above, bananas are good for pregnant women as they contain the right ingredients to help maintain a healthy diet for mother and baby, however there are a number of fruits that can be eaten in order to provide a pregnant woman the vitamins and fibers that she needs. These can include apples, strawberries, tomatoes and blueberries. In addition, there are a number of vegetables that should be added to a healthy diet during pregnancy such as, broccoli and peppers.

  • Protein and dairy
More foods that a woman can consider if she is pregnant are foods that contain high levels of protein. For example, a good option for a pregnant woman is to ingest about 71 grams of protein a day which you can find in eggs, milk, chicken, fish and peanut butter. Moreover, dairy foods contain levels of calcium that helps to improve the strength of teeth and bones for the woman and the baby. Consider including milk, yogurt and cheese in your diet.

  • What should not be eaten
When it comes to diet during pregnancy, particular types of seafood should be avoiding because some contain very strong levels of mercury. Moreover, it is advised that undercooked meats can be dangerous as well as unwashed fruit or vegetables. If pregnant women become concerned with what their diet should be then getting in contact with a medical professional will help. They will guide pregnant women on what they should eat as well as possibly provide them with supplements or medications that can help in terms of nutrition.
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There are many fruits which can be helpful for pregnant ladies if take throughout the pregnancy. Banana is one of them. Banana is rich source of potassium, vitamin A, C, pectin Manganese and B6. It help the pregnancy by following ways.
  1. Banana tunes up uterus and eases childbirth
  2. Banana strengthen fetus
  3. Banana prevent pregnant lady from anemia
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Is banana's good for pregnaNT WOMEN
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Is banana and sherry good during pregnacy

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