How Can I Increase My Height?


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Ace anonymous answered
Your height is almost completely determined by your genetics. Some of the best things that you can do for your height is to stay at a normal weight (I can't stress that enough), and when you walk stand as straight up as possible. Proteins and vitamins are what help you grow the best so I suggest eating plenty of meat (especially fish), but mostly vegetables. Studies have shown that people who get lots of protein and vitamins tend to grow taller. Finally you need to get plenty of sleep.
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Also - get plenty of sleep during your teenage years! If you don't have good posture, try Pilates or Yoga for core strength which will help you stand taller
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Sorry hun, don't think you can do it at this stage in life. It's already determined in your genes.
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You need to let your body grow on its own. It's unhealthy to make yourself grow. Do NOT use any type of medicine unless prescribed by a doctor. Take care of your body.

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