How Do They Test Your Newborn Baby For Meth?If You Used Meth Twice During Your Pregnancy Does Your Baby Have It In Their Body No Matter How Log You Stopped Before It Was Born Or Does It Only Come Up Positive If You Did It Recently?


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I could be wrong, but I would not think meth tests would be standard for newborns.  I would think they'd only do a meth test if they had reason to suspect the mother was a user.  And if she is a user, it's best that her doctor knows about it anyway.  Meth can cause a wide variety of permanent problems for babies.  So even if the meth is out of the baby's system, the baby may still be suffering from the meth for the rest of their life.  The doctors might need to test for or keep an eye on some of those issues.  So it's certainly not something a women should be hiding from her doctor, even if it means she is forced to get help or have the baby taken away.  A good mother will always put her baby's needs before her own selfish wants.

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