Stopped Birth Control After A Month, 11 Days Off It , Pregnant?


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Birth control pills work by setting up a sort of false pregnancy, using hormones to make the body think it is already pregnant so it stops having periods and stops ovulating.

Upon stopping taking birth control pills, a woman could ovulate at any time, and in fact has an even greater chance of pregnancy. One method used to treat women who are having difficulty getting pregnant is to put them on birth control pills for a while, then taking them off of it.
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So are you saying i have a good chance of being pregnant? Could the random bleeding i had be implantation bleeding? it came on April 16th & stopped the next morning (the 17th). Then came back the day after (18th), & stopped on the 19th. The night before the bleeding started, i had sex...and it hurt. it usually doesn't hurt, considering I've been doing it much more than i used to. Could it be a miscarriage? I'm so confused.
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I will not go so far as to say it is a GOOD chance, I do not know the statistics on such as that... but it is possible.

I very much recommend you see a doctor soon.
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The random bleeding could be from stopping and starting the pill. If you stop taking the pill you will bleed. So try and keep taking your pill and stop having unprotected sex. 1- if you can't stick to your pill correctly 2-STD'S

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