I'm Taking Xanax For The First Time How Will It Make Me Feel?


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  • What is Xanax?

Xanax is an anti-anxiety drug known as a benzodiazepine that works by balancing the chemicals in the brain. It is an imbalance of chemicals that can lead to anxiety and other mental problems. The drug is known to be extremely effective for patients who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety but it is only thought to be effective for an 8 week period and after this it becomes less so.

One of the disadvantages of Xanax is the fact that it can become addictive and patients have to come off the drug gradually to avoid withdrawal symptoms and as they work on the issues that originally caused their anxiety or panic attacks.

  • How will Xanax make you feel?

The intended outcome from taking Xanax is to make you feel calm and relax and free from anxiety. There is a possibility that it will make you feel giddy or dizzy and it may even make you feel drowsy. Feeling lightheaded is a common side effect so make sure you do not exercise too much while you feel like this and stand up slowly, particularly in the morning or when you have been sat down for a long time.

  • Serious side effects

Other more serious side effects that have been known to be felt by patients taking Xanax is mood swings, particularly negative moods and possibly hallucinations or suicidal thoughts. This may be because the patients who are usually prescribes Xanax usually have negative thoughts but if you feel anything like this you should contact your doctor immediately.

You may even feel as though your speech is slurred and you have a lack of co-ordination which can lead to difficult with mobility and also memory problems. Always speak to your doctor if you feel as though this drug is not helping you as serious side effects could worsen the problem you were originally taking the drug for.
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Xanax, as you say, is a drug to help deal with anxiety (among other things). In terms of effects they are as follows:

- reduces anxiety and makes you sleepy and relaxed
- possible hostility and depression
- depending on your dosage, your judgement in terms of speed and accuracy can be affected
- could possibly affect your memory

Seeing as this is of real importance to you, I suggest you go to this website here which has all you need to know about Xanax.
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xanax is very adictive . if you don't have to take it i wouldn't . there are other less addctve antianxiety drugs avalable . clonapin will stop your anxiety without giving you as much of a drugged feeling. xanax taken in high dosages will make you feel like being drunk on alcahol. taken in low dosages it will make you relaxed and calm . but you develope the need for more of the drug to get the same amount of relaxation very quickly .

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