Are You Able To Take Paxil And Xanax At The Same Time, Along With Flexeril?


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These drugs have a sedative effect.  Be careful taking them.  Read up on their actions.  When I take Flexeril it tends to make me feel hungover.  Xanax will knock you out.  I'd be afraid to take them together.  They may slow your heart rate too much.  Take your concerns to your doctor, they are valid. 
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Paxil is SSRI and used to treat depression. The xanax is used to treat anxiety. Flexeril contain cyclobenzaprine used as muscle relaxant. All these three drugs have no interaction and can be taken together. There can be unlisted interactions due to any reasons in individual cases. For more details, visit Paxil, Xanax, Flexeril.
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I don't think this is the place for this question, sounds less than responsible to ask anyone other than physicians & or pharmacists.  Pls. Go back to the prescribing doctors(s) & express your concerns. 
Personally, I go to pharmacists for this question & grill  them gently;, they know a great deal about interactions between & among meds.   They are authorized to counsel about medications they are dispensing, so pls. Ask for exactly that.  I ALWAYS ask them about interactions & combinations ALWAYS.  Also, pls. Be sure to read all the package inserts in your medications, which discuss things NOT to take in combination &/or contraindications for meds. 
Example that doctors never told me, but pharmacists have & further they put special stickers warning folks who take Lipitor not to eat grapefruit or drink its juice as the combination is problematic.
I applaud your concern & attempts to be responsible & tho I'm not a doctor, I'd suggest that unless it's something like Insulin (the lack of which could put you in a coma), if you're in doubt, don't take it.    

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