What Happens If You Take Suboxone And Oxycontin At The Same Time?


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I've been taking opiates for about 10 years...everything from heroin and morphine to oxy and hydrocodone, hell I was even prescribed fentanyl patches for several months. I just did about 5mg of suboxone yesterday...started with 2mg around noon, another 1 mg piece about an hour later and then the other 2mg piece around 7 pm. Now keep in mind that I AM NOT on a regular suboxone regiment...just did it to keep from getting too sick. I just did 60 mg of roxicodone (generic oxy ) this morn at 9:20 am. It is now 9:44 am and feel great. I waited 14 hours from the last time I used the sub and have had no bad side effects. This is my experience but I don't use the sub everyday. From what I have read the sub has a 50% "life cycle"...sooo, if you use 8mg on Friday you will still have 4mg in your system on Saturday, 2mg on Sunday and 1mg on Monday then .5mg on Tuesday. So it would be almost 5 days before its all the way out of your system and you would feel the full effect of another opiate. If your like me and use it every now and then to keep from being sick then 12-14 hours will be fine. Hope this helps anyone who was wondering!
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I need some help/advice. Ohhh....where to start...when I was 14 I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis and had corrective surgery on my spine to straigten the 3 curves the worst being a 56 degree curve between my shoulder blades. I healed petty well and managed to graduate high school with high hopes of becoming a civil rights lawyer. However, shortly after graduating I was involved in a car accident which forced me to put those plans on the back burner (at this time I would like to pause and thank the drunk who decided to get behind the wheel of his car vs calling a taxi or friend for a damn ride) regarless...since then I have had a few other spinal operations including having a few of the screws removed had I also had two discs removed in my low back. I am currently disabled due to chronic pain and although I can walk I struggle with my mobility.
So that is a bit of the history which has lead me to this forum and now I will get to the part where I need advice (sorry so long).Since I was young the doctors have prescribed me lots of various medications to help control the pain, some narcotics and some non-narcotics. Over time I bacame very depressed. As I said my first major operation was when I was 14 and I am now 37 (however, some days I feel 70 lol) I was at one time taking so much medication that I felt like I was a zombie. I began abusing my medication by taking it more often then I needed because I was trying to mask the emotional and physical pain. Four years ago I decided that I wanted to go off of the pain medications completely and attempt to get my life back. I was successful and although it has been very difficult I was able to hold it together for four years and I took great care of myself by sleeping,eating and in general having compassion for myself and although the pain is unbearable most days, I do my best to take it easy on myself, and live a pretty dull lifestly in order to avoid any other possible injuries (as well as having an angel of a counselor who helped me to work through the grief and loss of my health at such a young age and other trauma issues which were triggering the extra drug use).)
Two weeks ago I was walking down the staircase leaving my apartment and the ice had built up on the stairs and I fell down about 6 steps landing at the bottom on my butt. I have been in such intense pain. I am blessed to have a doctor now who hears me and we have worked very hard on finding non-narcotic ways to control the pain. I am prescribed suboxone (20mg once a day). Since the fall I am having such pain and so he prescribed me hydromorphone and diazapam. Hence the reason for my writing. He has told me to continue taking my suboxone and the narcotics at the same time. I have not been feeling very good. I am looking for advice or anyone else who may have had a similiar experience or just any knowledge of . So,  am the side effects of taking these medications together. Is this dangerous?Thanks in advance for any info, or simply just for reading this long post. May you have a blessed and healthy day.
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My 34 year old nephew died on December 30, 2011 after taking suboxone and oxycontin with xanax. As I researched it, I found a study that said that taking regular opiates with suboxone can cause brain swelling. John was having severe migraines two days before he died. He left a daughter,8 and a son 12 along with a wife who loved him very much.. Be careful unless you want to die.
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I'm waiting for a suboxone to wear off and snorted half of a 80mg oxycottin 12 hours after taking it.  I'm going through serious consequences for doing that.  
1.  I wasted half of a oxycottin.
2.  I didn't catch a buzz..
3.  I have 4 oxycottins which I can't enjoy.
4.  I'm going to wait until 24hours before I try again.

Remember, you can face these same serious consequences if you don't wait the 24-48 hours for the suboxone to exit your system.

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