I Quit Smoking Over A Month Ago, And I' M Still Coughing Really Bad. What Should I Do?


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chris bradley answered
Well done on quitting smoking. You have only been stopped a brief time and when you smoked you alter your cough reflex so that the smoke did not choke you. Now your lungs are returning to normal function your body well try to expectorate (cough up) all the tar and other rubbish that is down there.
Steam inhaled may help you to loosen the secretions, but it can take a while until you feel a lot better, this is often what causes people to start again after a short time. Stick with it,, there is no better way to improve your health and wealth.
If this cough is dry and persists for a while then get it checked out by a doctor. If you have any chest pain or cough up any blood stained stuff go straight away.
You should soon start to feel better, but when I quit it was about a year before I felt the full benefit.
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In my opinion it has nothing to do with not smoking. So you better check it up with the doctor and he will get you the solution. Try to avoid chilled drinks for the time being.

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