If I Quit Smoking, Will I Grow Taller?


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Yes I am 20 and quit smoking 6 months ago I was 5 ft 5 and I have grown 4 inches taller since quitting, it really is worth it. To help me stop I used patches and every time I craved a fag I had a stick of celery I lost weight as well as quitting smoking. It made me get more active because I could last longer exercising you should try yoga when stopping as well because it is great for your posture and can increase height.
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I just quit smoking I was searching for the same answer I've been a smoking since about 11 years old I'm now 22 and I've grown from 5'7 to 5'8 .. This growth was NOT happening when I was smoking, july 14th, 2011 I quit smoking it's now going to be my fifth month in 4 days, by the way I made this blirtit just now all because of coming across this!
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It is possible to still grow taller if I quit smoking ..
I been smoking for 6 month when I'm 15 and also drink milk and exercises ?
Can someone help me ?
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Well it depends on your age, because if you are 20-21 then yes maybe it could increase it because you still have a change of growing but if you are 30-60 then less chance because you have already grown your height and you can't grow anymore.
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Unless you have magic wand?

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It depends on your age. If you are younger than 20 you have all the chances to grow taller. As far as I know, vaping doesn't influence our height but it will be better to read vape info to know for sure. I say it because smoking can be easily replaced with vaping.

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No chance. The bone growth plates are already fused at 22. You cannot grow anymore. Sorry.
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You don't have a clue what you are on about, of corz she can still grow!
nathan maloney
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Yeah you're entirely wrong about that man. I just grew an entire inch and I quit 5 months ago...

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