What Class Of Drug Is Crystal Meth Classified?


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Crystal meth or meth amphetamine is a highly addictive drug; it is sold as a powder or capsule and is used by smoking, snorting and injecting. The drug is a potent stimulant of the nervous system and some of its immediate effects are confusion, anxiety and restlessness.

At present in the UK methamphetamine is classified as a Class B drug and possession of the drug could result in a maximum penalty of 14 years imprisonment along with a fine depending on the level of offense. If the drug is prepared to be used in the form of an injection or if an individual is apprehended while selling the drug illegally then it is considered to be a Class A drug with a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

Recently steps are being undertaken to classify the drug as a Class A drug which would discourage its spread in the UK where it is believed that the drug is slowly making its presence felt.

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