What Is The Best Way To Induce Labor?


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I'm no doctor but I've had five children and this is what I tried,drinking a tablespoon of castor oil,a milkshake,and doing a lot of walking 2 out of 5 times I was in labor within 12 hours[2of the other 3 was c-sections and
the last one induced]before you try this ask your doctor,It's an old wives tale.
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Imstr8 is right. I was overdue on my two children. My doctor told me that exercising was good. Especially walking. My Mother's doctor told her that castor oil loosens up the abdominal area. This also worked. On the walking bit, I was previously on bed rest with one of my children, then the doctor took me off and gave me orders to walk for 20-30 minutes a day, three times a week. It made the delivery pains less and the baby comes faster.
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I drank caster oil too and was in labor within 6 hours.
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Well when I pregnant  september 18 2008 that night was very hot and I was outside, I came back in laid down with the babys father and around 1:25 am I went to the bathroom and lord behold I went into labor because I was so hot, so weather does induce for me, may be different for everyone

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