Dose Walking Induce Labor?


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Walking may throw you into labor only if you walk 10 miles per day! Or if you are at risk for premature delivery. A high risk patient is advised to stay off her feet, as standing and walking for more than 15 minutes at a time may trigger labor to begin. But in a normal low risk pregnancy, just as the myth of nipple stimulation, you would have to do it for hours per day for it to actually take effect.
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brooke moorman answered
Not as much as sex does! It may sound weird and you may not even care because you may think I am an ammature at this because I am only 14, but I have 2 older sisters that have both had 3 kids and they are afraid to tell me anything. Sex does help and so does drinking lemon juice. Also driving on a really bumpy road! Have fun wit your baby, hope it comes soon!
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Many people say that walking will help women go into labor. I personally believe walking does help, but medical professionals are saying that it does not. However going up and downstairs will help for sure.
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I am 38 week and have walked quite a bit now but I am off for another walk soon x
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I don't think walking induces labour I remember when I was pregnant there is this long walking trail in my town I walked all the way around it hoping I would go in labour and nothing....

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