Im Five Days Late For My Period And Am Pooping A Lot Can I Be Pregnant?


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Deborah Wacker answered
Your so called pooping has nothing to do with if you are pregnant, however if you had sex 7-10 days after your last period you could be pregnant being that is your ovulation period. Wait another week and do a pregnancy test or wait 3 days after you were suppose to start your period and have a blood test done. If you do the test to soon you will not get a good reading.
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tia diamondz answered
Do you have sore tender breast and feel really tired? Thats what happened to me first. You should take a pregnancy test. That will let you know for sure.
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Ok well me and my boyfriend havnt had sex but like he came on my on my vaginal area and I'm still a virgin but I'm 4 days late for my periods and I been getting discharge what could this mean ? Am I pregnant soo confused id really appreciate it if someone can help me out thanks

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