Why Is My Menstrual Cycle Blood Orange?


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The red colour of your period blood, and indeed any other blood is from the haemoglobin which is an oxygen carrying compound that is in red blood cells. If you find that your orange blood is the result of an iron deficiency which is the main compound in your blood.

This can be solved by increasing the amount of iron that you intake everyday. Here are a few quick tips on how you can start to make sure that your diet includes all the iron that you need to stay healthy.

You can consume iron rich foods which usually includes lean beef, oysters, spinach (an excellent source of iron, as well as other green and leafy vegetables), beans such as kidney beans and even lentils and chickpeas and fortified cereals such as Cheerios.

There are also foods that you can eat that may not contain high amounts of iron, they will help your body to absorb iron better. These foods are often high in Vitamin C such as citrus fruit. Combining these two at meal times can really help to up the amount of iron that your body absorbs. Another important tip is to separate the foods that are high in iron from those that are high in calcium such as milk and cheese as these two minerals compete for your body's ability to absorb minerals quickly. You can always start taking iron supplements everyday. These are best taken with meals so that they are absorb along with everything else that you are eating.

If this method does not work, then you should really have a visit to your Doctor's. They will be able to properly diagnose if your problem is really to do with iron or whether there is another underlying problem. They will then be able to treat your problem accordingly so that your periods can get back to normal.
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The red color of the blood is due to hemoglobin, an oxygen-carrying compound in red blood cells. You might be having deficiency of hemoglobin in your blood. This can be improved by taking good diet and iron preparations
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