Why Do I Have Black Discharge After My Period?


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We are not a team of medical professionals, and therefore it is imperative you speak with your doctor or Ob/Gyn about this problem.

  • The main cause of black discharge is often an ovarian cyst.
Because we are not medical professionals, we cannot provide you with medical advice. Even though the main cause can be an ovarian cyst it can be many other things causing the black discharge. It is imperative that you speak with your doctor or gynecologist regarding this matter.

Only a professional can truly tell you what the issue is. Some individuals who have had undiagnosed ovarian cysts have had black discharge. The issue usually presents itself with painful menstruation such as an acute pain in the lower back, along with increased discomfort with a cycle.

  • Other possible causes
There have also been some patients who suffered black discharge after being diagnosed with other medical conditions such as thyroid issues, where their cycle was irregular and even stopped for a time, and when it came back there was black discharge.

Since it can be related to many issues, including ovarian cysts that may or may not be cancerous, it is more important to speak with a medical professional than to find an answer here.

You will not truly feel relieved until you know the root cause of the problem. For some the black discharge goes away after one or two periods, but for others it can persist. This can lead to greater problems.

  • Always consult your doctor
Please visit a medical professional if you have this issue to ease your worries and to get a health checkup. The only way to truly know what is going on with your body is to find out from a person trained to ensure your health by doing a full examination of the problem.
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I have dark discharge before and after my period, and the doc said it was normal.... At the beginning of the cycle it is just old stuff leaving and then after it is my bodies way of cleaning up after my period at least that's what he said. This is really a question for your gyno he can tell you if it's normal for you or not.
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The question is lacking some information like are you on birth control pills? What is the color of your routine periods. The bleeding in the mid of cycles is called inter menstrual bleeding. This can be due to low estrogen level for you if on birth control pills. If you are not on pills, then you are suffering from polymenorrhea, a condition of having periods before 22 days. This is because of short secretary phase due to progesterone deficiency. Take progesterone supplements in the 2nd half of the periods to treat this problem.
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I have that aswell and I get light period pains too, its embarrasing and affect sex as it happens most then, can anyone ever tell me what this is as I'm really worried
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You don't need to be worried about in my opinion. It is spotting and it can be because of three reasons according to the statement you have given here.

1- Spotting because of intercourse
2- Spotting because of ovulation
3- Implantation bleeding which occurs 6-12 days after ovulation

You should go to doctor for proper check up and advice.
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I have had real dark stuff before.  But not totally black.  Close though.  The Doc said it is old blood that you did not shed the last month.  He also said that tampons don't let you shed as much as you are suppose to.  I'm a "pad" person now, and I truly have easier periods.  I hate them I feel like I am wearing a diaper, but I am over it.  I haven't had anything real dark now for about a year! If is stays real dark for an entire period, I would get checked out.
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I don't know I think I'm having close to the same problem? I had sex for the first time on a sunday, but we used pull out and it was just the tip anyway because I was nervous. On wednesday of that same week I started spotting dark brown. As through the following thursday it got thicker and more reddish so I put in a tampon but now, on a friday, it is just spotting and reddish. My period isn't dew for about a week and a half but I'm starting to get nervous that I might be pregnant. All my friends say they were paranoid their first time too.
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No this doesn't sound normal to me .you should see how you feel later.and if You're having anymore problems with this and if it get worse ..see your dr..Good luck
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I am a virgin and I don't take birth control pills but after one week I have black discharge like charcoal what could be the cause?
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Medical history and physical examination are needed to diagnose your problem. If you are having black discharge with cramps during other than menstrual periods then it can be indication of infection.
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When I skipped my period last month and got it this month there was like blackish redish blood but I was thinking its just old blood from last month (btw I'm 13)

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