Cracking Of The Foreskin At The Tip, What's The Reason?


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I had the same problem for one year, went to my pharmacy told the pharmacist the problem she suggested I might have a fungus, and sure it was that, she gave me a cream to use I used it every time I urinated I clean my penis and applied the   cream out and inner part of the foreskin and after a year of suffering and limited sex sensation I now enjoy sex and my foreskin is back to its elasticity, the beauty is after one week of using the cream I could see the difference no more ripping of the foreskin and I could gently pull it back however give it two to three weeks and applied the cream 3 weeks about three times a day and when you do try to excise the foreskin do it in water make sure there is lots of water to help as lube or its to dry. THE CREAM IS CLOTRIMAZOLE. Again trust me this is the solution. But has to be managed good the cleaning, the application of cream, the stretching (pull back) gently in the shower or even in the pool.
And also when it does go all the way back keep it back for a few hrs if possible so it can get its density back. I will say good luck but I know it works.
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There's a very good possibility your condition is caused by an overabundance of self-abuse. Some of the next symptoms to look for is hair growing on the palm of your hand and a degradation of your eyesight. Seriously if the previous solutions do not bring you relief in a short time you should, as they suggested, see a physician and seriously consider circumcision.
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If you try using vasaline,or sudocream around the area at night to see if its any better in the morning if this persistently causes you problems you could discuss circumcision with your doctor its a very minor procedure now lots of men have this done it means your genitals stay much cleaner around that area
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It could be a skin condition like eczema. You need to consult your physician and use a mild hydrocortisone, lubrication may help as well. However, it is best that you get circumcised.

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