How To Stop My Period?


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Take 3 ibuprofen from (it can be 800mg- 1000mg) every six hours. But you have to take it on the dot, if not the period will flow again. (from a nurse in progress) :)
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You can drink a lime or lime juice and it will be late for 1 or 2 days really it's work
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You can always take borth control pills to stop your periods for a while, but I'd recommend you don't take them because if you play around with your cycle that can cause problems for you in the long run. I would also recommend that you go see a gynaecologist about your periods, because a normal monthly menstruation cycle does not last as long as a month. It lasts 6 or 7 days at the most. Unless you've recently given birth in which case it does take some time to end. If not, you must consult a doctor about this because this is certainly not normal.
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You cannot stop your period but you can take a pregnancy pill and that wil shorten it.
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You eat ice -icecream, chilly, don't put on shoes or socks  ,wallk on cold floor with a bare foot
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I have a friend who's mum had to have injections because her period never stopped and now she has no periods.    You only really need to do this if its really necessary....and besides I have heard in mags and newspapers that there is a new pill that can stop your periods forever...look it up.
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HI,I recently got the implanon inserted (its a type of birth control that lasts for 3 years) the day I got it done I got my period. Now it has been almost 3 weeks and the bleeding has not stopped. Being on my period for this long is really interfering with my sex life. Any advice about what I should do?
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I hate having my periods and stop them by taking my birth control pill non stop. I speak FROM EXPERIENCE when I say there is nothing harmful about it. For 2 years straight I went without my period. I felt no different and I was happy not to have that burden every month. All you need is PLAIN pills. The coloured ones give you your period but with the plain pills you can skip the sugar pills and go straight onto the oestrogen pills in the next packet.
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It is very dangerous to stop your period and normally it is not suggested to stop period. Birth control can be done by several birth controlling pills and injections.
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You may have fibroids. Heavy periods are indicative of this and also other problems. I would advise you to see your GYN.
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I am 12 years and I have my period my mum doesn't no and I'm getting it today how do I stop it without pills?
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I have that issue too I'm going on a cruise to the carribean and I'm afraid I might have my period and it will ruin the whole thing and I'm to afraid to use tampons since I'm afraid something bad might happen.
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Drink a lot of water water helps a lot of things you wouldnt think of......stress can also make you bleed a lot.... Try taking midol early before your cycle comes on..... It helps stop the bloating, pain sooner and make your life better.... I hope all of this helps....
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I completely empathise with you. I'm 36, married with three kids and I too have the same issue; extremely heavy (and often flooding) periods, severe cramps and a general feeling of nausea and illness during my so-called cycle.

I was finally diagnosed with fibroids but the procedure Glenda Sue mentioned above is not for me as I have had three caesarean sections and therefore my uterus is not viable for this. Endometrial ablation is also not appropriate. All I am left with is the ridiculous option of Mirena or finding the money to pay for a private hysterectomy as my GP refuses to refer me for one.

I can't stand ANYTHING around my nether regions - not even my poor husband, so any tampering about down there with a Mirena is not even on the agenda. I now have the thankless task of spending the next four or so years saving the £8,000 it's going to cost me for a hysterectomy. I think it is abhorrent that in this day and age I have to suffer as I do.

My periods dominate my life. I often bleed for 14+ days at time, and then sometimes get around 7 to 10 days respite before it starts all over again. Then there are times where I can go up to seven weeks without a bleed, but then when I do bleed it's like the Battle of the Somme with the bloodshed. I pass clots that are like lumps of raw liver, and the pain is something which I have fainted from in the past.

Bedtimes are a farce, with me often having to set the alarm during the night to change the stack of maternity pads I have to cram into my underwear else flood onto the bedding, and then disturb by poor other half to change the bed in the middle of the night. It goes without question that I am now iron anaemic, and really rather ill with this, but there's no assistance at all because I won't
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I now people who take birth control and they take the shot and the do not have no periods on tell they stop taking the shot completely. The shot you take ever 3 months. BUT A BIG PROBLEM IS PEOPLE GAIN a lot OF WEIGHT. Or if you want to regulate it take the pill. You take it every day and the last week I believe you take a different color pill. ON THE PILL YOU don't GAIN a lot OF WEIGHT IT DEPENDS ON YOU BODY.
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Having a period may be the last thing that a teen, are an older women may like to have.Ever time I think about eating or drinking something sweet I start to cramp. So that gives me a sigennot to do it. Every once,s body is different,t  so you many not fell the same way that I fell about you period.
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There is a procedure called Thermachoice (or Hysteroscopy). I had it done and never had a period afterwards. There is no surgery. Your Doctor can decide if it is for you or not. They essentially put a balloon type thing filled with scalding fluid up against the wall of your uterus and burst it. It creates a scar tissue and stops the discharge of the wall, vaginal bleeding stops. You are so young, it may not be the right thing for you. I had mine done about 8 years ago and still period free. Good Luck - your condition can make your life miserable.
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You can't its part of life just take some Tylenol if you have cramps and don't have sex don't never take birth control just for tht its just stupid
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I am not a woman, but kn ow that many women use birth control to keep their cycle in check, and after a hysterectomy I believe there is no more cycle!
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Yes but if periods are for having babys then why is the average age for stating your period is 11?
Should it be at least 18.

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