Can Meprate Help In Getting My Mensuration Cycle Back?


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I have taken Meprate and it been 10 days after I took the last tablet...still no sign of bleeding...should I do another course of Meprate...or wait 1-2 days...??
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I am single 23yrs old.My last mensuration was april-23 rd and till now I'm not having mensuration.   But symptoms are there for mensuration. My abdomen is painful sometime and chest also. And I scanned but no Urinal problem and uterus, ovary. Can You tel me any remedy For Mensuration Because I much worried about this. Please
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I think you should not be worried about your cycle. It will tend to get back to normal within 2 months. Sometimes such irregularities are faced by the women due to hormonal changes. So its not an alarming situation. Meprate is good but you should take duphaston tablets to get a period. Take one tablet twice a day for 5 days.
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Everything will be alright in time....maybe there is something affecting this =)

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