Why Is My Menstrual Cycle Slimish Brown And Red, But Very Light? Could Something Be Wrong?


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No I don't think anything is wrong. You should only really have to worry if the blood or disharge smells bad.

We all have different menstrual cycles. Some will be regular, some won't. Some 5 days, some 7. Some heavy and some light. You may find that all these factors will vary for you.

Different things to do with your health and wellbeing can affect it too. For example if you are on birth control, wether you exercise regularly, if you are under a lot of stress, if you've lost a lot of weight recently or had some significant changes in your life. Your body will respond accordingly.

During menstruation the lining of your womb is stripping away and for most women they only lose around a teaspoon of blood (although it can feel a lot more!).

I would be more concerned if you were in pain, tender, having bowel problems etc. In this case I would speak to your doctor.
If you are worried about your cycle, do speak to a friend or your doctor and seek advice.

Your body will constantly change, evolve and surprise you. Do not fear it.
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A teaspoon of blood? A TEASPOON of blood? Maybe, every half hour...

Anyone who has ever worn those internal collecting cups (not absorbent) knows that this amount is absolutely wrong.

To the original poster: If it continues, see a doctor

to Wilkerson: Re-check your facts, sir.
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My daughter  janie started her period 2/28 and missed last month. Now has one this month with
a dark blood. Is that normal?
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I completely understand, the same exact thing is happening to me too. And I know I'm not pregnant, maybe it is a deficiency in vitamins or something
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I just started my period yesterday I'm 12, its for the first real time and I have dark brown one too and its extremely light only once I saw a tinge of red and also black clots but not now its rusty brown eww.
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It may be because of your slim body or your menstrual cycle was not started at the right age I mean 15 you should consult  this problem with your doctor
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To let you know it is normal to have a period very light but in a dark brown colour, it's normal to have a very heavy period with bright red colour. People are different when it comes to that.
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If you are getting periods regularly after normal duration then it is OK regardless of quantity of blood or color of blood. The changes in color can be due to presence or absence or efficiency of hemoglobin in your blood. Take proper diet with vitamins in order to have normal periods.
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I normally have heavy periods,but this month it's been very light and dark brown colour?
I'm 14 is this ok?

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