What Is The Best Over The Counter Cough Medicine?


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A recent report suggests that no over the counter cough medicine is particularly any good, and that they are largely a waste of money. The review, carried out by Cochrane Collaboration looked at 17 studies that involved 2,876 adults, a further eight studies that involved 616 children, and which tested many of the more popular over the counter cough remedies.

They looked at all cough remedies such as suppressants that are usually taken for dry coughs and expectorants, thich are used for chesty coughs.

It was concluded that taking paracetamol or ibuprofen, alongside having a steam facial is more likely to make a person with a cough feel better.

It is the opinion of Professor Thomas Fahey, a GP and head of the Department of Family Medicine and General Practice at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Medical School, and co-author of the study, that people should be more aware that a cough typically lasts for two weeks in children and for three weeks in adults so there is nothing to worry about (unless there are other symptoms) if a cough does not go within a week.

He also pointed out that coughing is actually the bodies way of getting rid of viruses and so is a helpful, though often unpleasant, mechanism.

The study, which had some people taking the medicines while others took placebos, showed that rather than feeling better, some of those taking the medicines actually suffered some unpleasant side effects including nausea, headaches and drowsiness, and the number of adults who took medicines that included the suppressant moguistine, complained of vomiting and abdominal pain in numbers three times more than those using placebos.

However, Sheila Kelly, executive director from the Proprietary Association of Great Britain, the association that represents manufacturers of over the counter medicines, claims that the millions of consumers taking cough medicines proves that they are efficient.
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Benadryll is really good for cough.

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