What Does It Mean If You Have A Cloudy White Discharge Sometimes Yellowish?


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Ashley Loewen answered
If it smells it is for sure an infection. It could still be an infection even if it doesn't smell though. Go to the doctor. Good luck!
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Ellie Hoe answered
Almost all women have vaginal discharge but every discharge is not normal. A clear and white vaginal discharge without any odor is normal. Abnormal vaginal discharge can have following characteristics.
  1. Itching
  2. Bad odor
  3. Discharge with vaginal swelling
  4. Yellow, green or gray color of discharge
  5. Cottage cheese like discharge
A cloudy or yellow vaginal discharge can be a bacterial infection called gonorrhea. This can be sexually transmitted and treated with antibiotics orally or shots.  So, you should visit your family doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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