Should You Watch What You Eat While Breastfeeding?


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Yes you should be very careful if you are a lactating mother. Because any thing bad or good you eat is incorporated in your blood and also secreted in milk. This can have bad or good impact on your child.
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Most certainly. We are what we eat. They have books that specialize in breastfeeding. It will provide you with the do's and don't of breastfeeding. It is also very informative and provides names of groups or organizations that provide further information should you have any concerns.
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I was a maternity nurse for 24 years. We always told our moms that they could eat whatever they liked as long as it was a well balanced diet and provided enough nutrition. If they found the infant to be gassy and/or unusually fussy after Mom had eaten something new in her diet, she should eliminate that food from her diet for awhile. Some babies are more tolerant than others. Chocolate,tomatoes,onions and gassy vegetables are examples of foods that sometimes cause problems. No caffeine is advised.
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You should also be careful of any medication you may be taking. Also stay away from spicy food, this will only upset your baby's stomach if you're breastfeeding.
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Yes, you should be careful what you eat while nursing, anything that you consume, or inject or inhale will affect your milk. It is best to eat a varied and healthy diet. As for the spicy food thing, my daughter didn't seem to mind if I ate spicy food, although she is nearing four now and eats hot salsa and other spicy foods. Good for you on nursing your baby though. It is hard work at first but the pay off is well worth it. My daughter has yet to get sick and she eats well and transitioned easily from nursing to eating "real" food. Nursing is extremely convenient as all you need to carry is a blanket or jacket to cover yourself while your child is breastfeeding. It lightens the diaper bag load and is quicker and healthier. Congrats and good luck!
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You should definitely watch what you eat when you are breastfeeding. I have a four month old baby and she doesn't eat or drink anything besides breast milk. This is the best thing you can do for your baby. Anything that you eat, the baby will eat as well. If you eat green vegetables your baby's poop will be green. This experiment tell you that anything passes to your baby through the milk. Some say that you can have an alcoholic drink once in a while, but even that passes to your baby. In my case, if I eat hot sauce, which I love, my baby gets really fuzzy and in pain in her tummy.
Make sure you eat as healthy as you can, just think that is for your baby's own good.
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Yes you should because what you eat the baby eat. If you take pills watch what you take

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