I Am On The Pill Called Cerazette , Completed My Course Of Amoxicillin On A Tuesday And Had Intercourse With My Husband On The Friday. Is There Any Chance I Could Get Pregnant? Because I Don't Get My Periods On Cerazette.


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For anyone who reads this old question might get the wrong idea, the last post may well refer to other contraceptive pills but amoxicillin doesn't effect Cerazette, pregnancy wouldn't be an issue.
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Cerazette is a birth control pill. It contains progesterone only also called progesterone pill. It contains 75 microgram desogestrel. This levels might be higher for your bleeding threshold. Because after completing one pack, the levels of progesterone do not come down on bleeding threshold. This causes hyper proliferation of endometrium. You missed periods but will come late when its levels in blood come down. For your doubts, have home pregnancy test.
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Just so you know, antibiotics RULE out birth control pills!! Basically, if your taking might as well NOT be taking a birth control pill. Not many people know that. You can always talk to your DR or pharmacist. (My husband is a pharmacist that's the only reason I know this!)

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