What Does It Mean When You Have A Yellowish/green Discharge That Is Kind Of Stretchy?


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This answer is directed towards women, because this is a common occurrence for them and not men. If you are a man and are having a stretchy discharge that is colored then seek medical assistance. Regardless of pain or odour, discharge other than urine or semen from the male member is not meant to happen and strongly indicates an infection.
However, this does happen to women quite often. Generally mucous is produced when a woman is ovulating. This mucous should be clear or white, or an in-between creamy color. It is fairly viscous (i.e. Not entirely liquid, like PVA glue) but should be odourless and not overly thick, thus retaining that stretchy property. If it is strongly white and quite thick and possibly with odour it would suggest a yeast infection.
Yellow and green or either of them singularly would suggest infection and you should go to a doctor or clinic. It could be very minor, and as previously mentioned the telltale signs are any hint of a foul smell and the thickness, which if an infection would represent something similar to cottage cheese.
If your discharge is brown this is most likely old blood and is occurring post-period. Another occurrence is for the mucous to be light and watery. This is often a result of exercise and depending on the exertion can be quite heavy. Of course, these possibilities all differ per person and their genetics. Some people fight off infection better. Some people handle exercise better.
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Yellowish green discharge is also associated with rotten egg smell. It is due to a protozoan infection called trichomonas. Usually this infection is combined with bacteria. Take mteronidazole derivatives with dose of 3 tablets daily for 5 days.
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I sometimes get a pale greenish discharge from my vagina is this normal and what could it be?
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If you are not having odor and itching then its normal. Cervix produces clear discharge but it becomes white or yellow when exposed to air.
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This does not sound like a yeast infection, but it does sound like an infection of some sort. I would get it treated as quickly as possible before it causes any long lasting damage. I had a discharge like that with an ovarian cyst. The doctor told me, if I had let it go much longer, I may have had bone complications and my fertility would be compromised!
Try the monistat suppositories available at most drug stores. if that does not help consult with a gynecologist.
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There are three types of discharge from vagina. These are
  • Bacterial infection:The clear discharge without smell with or without itch.
  • Yeast infection: whitish discharge without smell, white coating, with or without smell.
  • Protozoan infection: Also called trichmoniasis, yellowish discharge with Rotten egg/ fishy smell, with or without smell.
There can also be mixed infection. I advise you to visit a doctor and get proper diagnosis and treatment.
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When I looked up the signs of ovulating it said that if the vaginal discharge was stretchy and the consistency of the white of an egg then it was a good indication that you were ovulating. This can also be confirmed better if you keep a check on your temperature every morning at the same time after a good sleep. A steady rise in temperature can also show that you are getting ready to ovulate because a change in hormone production. Watching your temperature and vaginal discharge will better help you predict when you are ovulating. You can also buy a kit that tests your urine and tells you how close to ovulating you are.
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Sounds to me like you have trichomoniasis - I've got first-hand knowledge.  DO NOT wait to see a doctor - you may never be able to have kids - when you were tested before, you probably weren't checked for it specifically.  (P.S. Get an AIDS test while you're at it.)
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Unless you are pregnant, you should not have any discharge that looks out of the ordinary. It could indicate a lot of things. Our bodily secretions have a lot to say about our health. It's very important that everything is running smoothly when it comes to discharge or monthly cycles. It could be lochia, which is completely treatable. It can also be an indication of STD's. Especially, if it's also a bit greenish in colour. It's always wise to play it safe and get it checked. If it's a symptom of something bad, it can be nipped in the bud before it can do much harm.
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The smell of rotten egg in the discharge is the indication of trichomonial infection. The white odorless discharge can be due to bacteria. If there is white coating inside vagina, the infection is fungal. As you are having white and yellow discharge with smell, it means a mix infection. Apply Vaginal anti fungal cream and take metronidazole tablets for 5 days. Also apply anti fungal cream on peri anal and peri vulvar region and advise your husband to use this cream on glance penis for 7 days.
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You should see gynecologist to determine which infection you have but normally that could be a sign of a std.
If you have a partner I would suggest that you go and test together.

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