What Does It Mean When You Have A Light Period?


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My period was really light. My belly was going bloated and I was getting notions for foods and drinks I never used to like. I had had sexual intercourse with my boyfriend without contraception. I done a home pregnancy test and it came back negative, so I never thought anything of it. But as the days went on I started getting morning sickness so I went to my GP. I done a test and waited for my results. They came back positive. Now I have a lovely son Jay. So if your period is very light, lighter than they usually are then go to your GP because some home pregnancy tests don't give you the right result. Janice x
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Light periods are usually referred to a period when bleeding last for less than 2 days. These periods are called scanty periods. This condition does not mean any thing and is more common at the time of menopause or at the time of first ever periods or puberty.

Following are some conditions that can cause scanty or light periods.

1. Excessive exercise
2. Dieting
3. Excessive excitement
4. Change of environment
5. Hormonal imbalance
6. Stress
7. Anxiety
8. Scar in the uterus
9. Prolong use of birth control pills

Scanty periods can be treated by the doctor, so, visit a doctor.
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If it was light and pink or brown ten it could have been implantation bleeding which would mean that you are pregnant. If you miss your next period take a pregnancy test.

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