What Does Single Intra Uterine Gestation Sac Seen In The Body Of The Uterus Mean?


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2 days ago I went for my first ultrasound scan. I am pregnant and on my 5 yo 6th weeks. The report came and they said that a rounded hypo echoic area seen within the uterine cavity could represent a very early intrauterine gestational sac. Could you please ex plane to me in simple words. They couldn't see any sign of baby but my blood test is positive.
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Single intrauterine gestation 8 weeks 5days.no cardiac activity seen
possibility of early pregnancy failure.what is this diagnosis?
Its a scanning report
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The baby in the uterus lies in a sac called gestational sac. This sac is single when there is single baby or identical twins. There are two sacs when there are fraternal twins. Your report says that there is single sac of irregular shape is present  in the uterus. The location of the baby is not identified as the sac is irregular in shape. Free liquid and any cancerous or non cancerous growth in uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries were not present.

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