What Are The Effects Of Binging And Purging?


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Many people think a strict rotation of binging (eating a lot) and purging (forcing yourself to throw it up) can help them reach or stay at an ideal weight.  Others try starvation.  But binging, purging, and starvation all actually slow our metabolism down and make it harder for us to lose weight.  

Purging has its set of serious issues, many of which are caused by our
own stomach acid breaking things down as it keeps coming out.  Our
stomach was designed to handle our stomach acid.  But other areas of
our body were not.  The acid may cause tooth decay, tooth loss, and
erosion of the esophagus.   Purging can also lead to osteoporosis,
heart problems, low blood pressure, fainting, hair loss, low body
temperature, bowel problems, and even death.

When we don't get enough food often enough our body goes into what is called starvation mode.  Our body says, "Whoa.  I don't know what is going on with food out there, but it must be scarce or something.  I am going to hold onto what I have."  Our metabolism slows down.  Our body tries to hold onto any extra fat reserves that it has and may even start eating away at internal organs.  If we start eating normally again after a period of starvation, we'll usually gain back any weight that was lost.

In order to reach or maintain a healthy weight people should eat
healthy food often.  Six small meals a day is recommended now instead
of the traditional three.  When we eat enough food and when we eat it often, our body doesn't get
scared or go into starvation mode.  That means our metabolism runs
high, and we're able to burn fat easier.  A good diet contains plenty of water, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

If you know someone who is binging, purging, starving themselves, or doing something else unhealthy, talk to them about it.  Eating disorders often get worse on their own.  But they get better with professional help in over 90% of cases.

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