What's Would Be The Daily Dosage For Vit B12 Shot For Weight Loss Purposes?


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For weight loss reasons it is recommended that you take a 2.4 micrograms dose of vitamin B12 every day. However, it is important that you realise that these vitamin injections should not be used as a replacement for a healthy diet and exercise. Taking these injections alone will not make you lose weight; you need to accompany them with regular exercise and sensible food habits. It is important that you consult your doctor before taking these injections because you may experience some side effects including skin problems such as rashes and bowel issues such as diarrhoea. Refrain from taking these injections if they have not been prescribed to you.

Vitamin B12 is generally related to aiding weight loss and a number of weight loss clinics advise taking this supplement, however they may not always explain the side effects of taking such supplements. There are not a vast amount of side effects; however, weight loss clinics may not provide all the relative information so make sure you consult a doctor.

As well as talking to a medical professional you should look through studies that have focused on the effects of vitamin B12 and how it relates to weight loss. Many studies have been carried out over the last 10 years however; the most recent study in 2008 was published in the Journal of Applied Sciences. The results indicated that low vitamin B levels in men correlated with high levels of weight gain; however, no study has proven that B12 supplements assist in weight loss.
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Use of vitamin B12 for weight loss is controversial. There are no scientific evidences which suggest its use for weight loss. That is why manufacturers of the vitamin B12 shots have not mentioned its dosage for weight loss. This is an off label indication. The recommended daily dose of vitamin b12 shots is 1000 mcg to start  for few days and then 10, 000-25,000 mcg per day.  
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1cc per week says Doctor Gates on his website.
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No form of vitamin B12 has been credibly tested to aid in weight loss.

Having said that, the recommended dosage is 2.4mcg/day.

There is no upper limit to the dosage, because it has a low potential for toxicity..however, its  best not to go over the daily recommended dosage.

I'd suggest if you're interested in weight loss to focus mainly on diet as that really is 95% of the equation...you can't lose weight on a poor diet.

Your best bet to be successful at this is to educate yourself on how to lose weight through diet/exercise.

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