Miscarriage Aftercare. What To Do After A Miscarriage?


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Wow, whoever wrote that large post is very uninformed!  Firstly, an abortion is terminating a pregnancy at any time during the pregnancy.  A spontaneous abortion is just a medical term for a miscarriage.  A miscarriage is when you lose the baby naturally any time in the first 20 weeks from the date of your last menstrual cycle.  After 20 weeks it is considered a still birth. 

Now to actually answer your question.  Rest. Make sure you are not soaking a pad or more an hour.  DON'T use tampons. Make sure there is no foul smelling vaginal discharge. Do NOT have sex until you have stopped bleeding completely.  Do not get pregnant for six to eight weeks. If you start running a fever call your doctor. So sorry for your loss....I have had six pregnancy losses and I know how you feel!
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My dr. Told me to wait 3 months after my miscarriage. I had my miscarriage February 18,2008. I missed my period May 21,2008.
I am pregnant with my 5th child ( 6th pregnancy all together). Good luck
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Well I had a miscarriage and the doc told me I could try again after 3 weeks
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I had 4 miscarriage of respectively 8,6,6,6 weeks that was a miscarriage I had pain n all that what a miscarriages can do .
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Just to clarify... A spontaneous abortion IS a miscarriage, but a plain old abortion is the intentional KILLING of your unborn child.
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Before I tell you the care after miscarriage, I would like to tell difference of miscarriage and abortion as both have different reasons and require different care. The miscarriage take place after 16 weeks of pregnancy and abortion take place before 16 weeks. Causes of abortion can be hormonal deficiency or improper implantation while the miscarriage can be due to death of baby or injury to uterus or due to some diseases. After miscarriage you should take care to prevent pregnancy for 6 months. Take medicines if you have some disease. Improve your health conditions by taking proper diet. After abortion avoid pregnancy for 6 months. When pregnant again take hormonal support from 8th week of pregnancy to 16the week.
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I do understand the waiting to try again but the doc told me after 3 weeks i could try again
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Rayoflight, i have no idea where your information is from, but how about you try not patronising others and just answer the question if you feel you can help. An abortion is the intentional termination of a pregnancy while a miscarriage is loss of a pregnancy without intention. The 2 senarios are totally different and have a different impact on women both physically and mentally. I personally have had a missed miscarriage which mean baby died at around 12 weeks, was born and buried. This IS NOT AN ABORTION and i am personally offended by your comment. My hospital notes all say Mrs X has had a miscarriage, not an abortion. I also feel you are out of line stating the causes of miscarriage. Medical professional do not know the reasons for all miscarriages. Medical proffessionals in the north west of england advise that women have 3 periods before trying to get pregnant again and waiting until the 8th week of pregnancy is not advised and i urge women who read this to not take that advise. Take vitamins inc folic acid before even trying to get pregnant, there are some good prenatal multi vitamins out there.

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