What Happens When Miscarriage Occurs?


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You will get periods after miscarriage and then you must do not have sex for about one month and you shouldn't be pregnant for three months for safety.

There can be complications but that varies from person to person and the time of miscarriage so you must take medication if you find any infection.
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Well, I can tell you from experience of loosing two in the first trimester. You start bleeding and cramping and passing blood clots and sometimes other nasty looking stuff. Your hormones go totally out of whack. One minute you are fine and the next you are crying. Its not a fun experience for sure. If you are in the first trimester up to about 10wks you should pass everything just fine. You must watch out for fever and belly pain that is more than cramping feeling. After 10wks my doctor suggested that a d&c be done to make sure everything is out because there is more of it in there. I hope you never have to go through this. She said also wait six months before trying again.
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so the foetus comes out while the bleeding occurs????
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answer to question is yes..Sometimes a miscarriage can really mess your body up. I have been able to get pregnant again since the last one.
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I was under a lot of stress and I didnt know I was pregnant still not sure I took test and was negative did not have a period for 3 months when I gat it it was so bad heavy bleeding just running out of me blot clots for 2days big ones so bad size of a tangerine I just gat my period again and it seens normal what caused it what should I do I feel good don't know what happened.
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I'm around 10-11 weeks pregnant and had bleeding last night when I went the loo and wiped same thing happened this morning the blood is light , I do have some cramps in my Lower stomach its a light colour red no darkness, have I miscarried my scan is the 7th of dec nxt week I'm soo scared , I don't even want to go the doctors because I'm scared of what they say I'm nearly 20 too ive just got used to the fact that I'm pregnant and now this happens I'm so scared I can't stop crying I don't want it to end like this

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