What Is A Little Red Bump In The Vagina Area That Hurts Mean?


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ray of light answered
The bumps in vagina can be due to many reasons like it can be an allergic reaction, it can be due to unhygienic conditions, it can also be the result of a sexually transmitted disease. The differential diagnosis is required for proper treatment. I advise you to visit a gynecologist.
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I agree.  It could mean many things or nothing.  But it is important to get it checked out.  If it is a std or some kind of infection like a yeast infection it will need to be treated. 
If not treated it can lead to more problems in the future.  You don't want to pass it on to some one else if you are sexually active.  Also, if you get pregnant it could harm the fetus.  The baby could have many problems such as being born blind, etc. 
Not to freak you out.  It may be nothing.  But you should be seen by a doctor.

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