I Had Brown Spotting At The Time Of My Missed Period, Why?


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If the spotting is pinkish brown in color, it could be implantation bleeding which means you can possibly be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test to confirm.
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You could be pregnant and going through a miscarriage.  Even if you take a pregnancy test and it comes out negative it may because you have already miscarried or are in the process.  A lot of people suffer miscarriages and get their periods late and just think it was due to stress.
If you get severe cramping and are passing a lot of clots or losing a lot of blood keep your feet up and elevated and call your doctor.  Drink lots of fluids.  The dark brownish blood is old blood.
You can still be pregnant and pass old blood and still be ok.  If you have more questions call and see your doctor.  Most likely you are ok and just passing old blood.  But I am not a professional.
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This might be the lining of the blood on the womb just coming away well that's what I thought when it happened to me before yeah I was worried my self, but it hasn't happened since so just thought it was a normal thing hope this helps you x
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If you have been very active it can cause the period to be lighter and even helps it to go away faster. I wouldn't worry too much about it unless it continues. Then I would go and see a doctor. Hope this helps you out honey.
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You could be pregnant sometimes when your pregnant you have what some people think is their period but is actually implantation bleeding where the baby is implanting into you it causes a brown discharge and it doesn't last as long as a normal period and it is not as heavy.
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You might want to get a pregnancy test!
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The spotting is also considered a type of periods. It can be due to many reasons. This is not sign of pregnancy. The first sign of pregnancy is the missing of periods. If you have some doubts in mind, go for HCG test in blood and in urine.
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The brownish color of blood during periods can be due to deficiency of plasma in the blood. The brown/red/ color and even spotting are considered as period means no pregnancy. Improve your diet and liquid intake. Also take multivitamins.

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