Why Am I Spotting Light Brown One Week Before My Period Is It Normal?


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If you had mild spotting just for one day one week before your due dates of periods then it can be implantation bleeding provided you are sexually active and not on contraceptive protection. If you are not sexually active and virgin then this problem can be due to hormonal imbalance. So, you should get pregnancy test after missing of periods on due dates.
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Spotting in the start of period is normal. However, 1 day period is not normal. You might be experiencing irregular periods or the second possibility is pregnancy.

You must see your doctor for detailed check up. Here I have many questions to ask. Did your period came on the exact date? If not then at what day you had experienced spotting? Etc.

The treatment can be advised after the complete check up. For details about irregular periods and pregnancy, visit this link.
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No, its not normal,you should con-celt to some doctor instead of asking from here.. Take care of yourself:-)

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