Can You Explain The Adlerian Counseling And Its Emphasis On Different Prospects Of Life?


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Adlerian Counselling was developed by Alfred Adler, a Viennese Psychiatrist and General Practitioner. He was the founder of Individual Psychology. Although a colleague of Sigmund Freud, he differed with psychoanalytical theory, which assumes that every human action is sexual in origin. Instead Adler believed that humans strive for a feeling of superiority and to overcome their ingrained inferiority by setting up and striving to attain objective and subjective goals. He focused on the everyday interaction between human beings and how to make them more effective and fulfilling. Adlerian counselling favours a therapeutic relationship that is based of empathy, support and co-operation. Counsellors encourage the patient to solve his problems in a creative way, based on common sense. The clients are encouraged to use childhood perception to deal with everyday problems. Therapeutic work is based on short term intensive work to increase social interest. Clients work together to develop a community feeling and a feeling of responsilbility, mutual respect and co-operation. By understanding others and working in close proximity with them, clients are made to develop a self-analysis which facilitates personal growth. This approach holds that one can deal with social problems if one gets understanding and love from significant others, whether family, friends or a spouse. Developing empathy is one of the basic objectives, to put it in Alfred adler's words 'To see with the eyes of another, to hear with the ears of another, to feel with the heart of another'. By developing empathy and understanding these individuals are made capable to move on and function effectively in a variety of settings, whether it be the home, or the workplace. Clients develop an understanding of themselves and of others and this enables them to adjust to different situations easily and effectively. In order to encourage insight Adlerians work with LIFE STYLE: That is our attitude, views of others and ways of overcoming inferiority experienced as a child: EARLY RECOLLECTIONS, that is childhood memories that reflect the child's perception of life: PRIVATE LOGIC AND MISTAKEN NOTIONS: That is things as percieved by the child as against actual facts:FAMILY CONSTELLATION, that is the child's place in the family,DREAMS:that is both recurrent childhood dreams and current dreams. As opposed to the Freudian philosophy, Adler Counselling is based on the belief that humans are social creatures and that all their action springs from social needs. Thus they can overcome the insecurities developed during childhood by learning to work in co-operation with others and strive for self-improvement,self-fulfillment and common welfare. Thus Adlerian counselling is aimed at gaining an insight into self and others by learning to function effectively in social settings. Mental health is measured in terms with how well we can share with others and the degree to which we are concerned with their welfare.
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We have always need a guide-line in the "digging" into our inner selves, but rather than conform to what Ald say or anyone else, I think that we ourselves can best discuss our minds.  The only thing about adhering to one persons fews is the noticeable sexism.  The better ways of searching indepth would be to use men and women first separately then together. When ego is involved, it may be the Counselor themselves that need treatment. When dealing with the real world, use real people before they get under influence of the great mindreaders.   Know yourself folks. There are "Aldyss" on every city block. That is what is confusing because the only thing they can even half way agree on is a clients gender.

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