Is Incense Dangerous To Have Burning In The Same House As A Baby? Or A Pregnant Women?


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The Incense releases fragrant smoke when burned. The Incense is also used as spices in India. The burning of Incense is the religious or spiritual traditions in some areas of the world. However, The smoke of Incense is controversial as there are some studies which indicate that the Incense can cause lung cancer and respiratory problems in peoples of all age group. There are also studies which show that the Incense does not cause such problems. But every researcher is in harmony to conclude that the burning of Incense can cause some pollution and low cancer risk dietary habits. For more details, visit Incense
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I would imaging if you sat right upon it and inhaled it daily it would be harmful, its smoke.  But, occasionally burning it and not directly inhaling it should not harmful.  Check with a neonatal doctor.
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Is burning incense dangerous for babies

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