When Do Pregnant Women Start Having To Pee A Lot?


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Michael Vore answered
As your body transforms in preparation for the baby you gain pressure on places you never had before. One of them being your bladder.. So you will have the urge to go to the bathroom more, and as your body over compensates for nutrition for you and the baby , the more excess garbage is transferred through your body, thus causing more urine... Basically its just all part of the process...
Penny Kay Profile
Penny Kay answered
Yep that's it. Pressure on the bladder. With all the burgeoning equipment, space is at a premium,and things get pressured.
HELEN SMITH answered
The baby lays on the bladder, causing pressure on the bladder
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nate s answered
The weight of the baby puts pressure on your bladder
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nettie answered
The farther along you are in your pregnancy due to pressure from the size of the baby putting pressure on your bladder and kidney....the best to you
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How do I know I'm pregnant if I still haven't missed my period, but have all the symptoms ??

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