How Long Does Beer Stay In Your System Before A Breath Test?


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There are a number of factors that will determine how long beer will stay in your system. These include:

• Whether you are a man or a woman
• How healthy your liver is
• How much you have had to drink
• How much time has elapsed since your first drink
• How much you weigh

Alcohol in your system is measured by the blood alcohol content, or blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and it is normally measured as a percentage. For example, if a person has six parts alcohol per 10,000 parts blood, the BAC level is 0.6%

Alcohol is removed from the system by a combination of excretion, evaporation and metabolism, with 10% being removed by urination; almost 1% through evaporation on the breath; and a massive 98% through metabolism. The average person, with a fully functioning liver, will metabolize 0.015 of alcohol an hour, which means that one ounce of alcohol would not be detectable after three hours under normal circumstances.

However, women metabolize differently to men and so alcohol will stay longer in a female's system than it will a man's. Weight is also an issue and the lighter you are the more effect alcohol will have on you.

If liver function is good, one standard drink will take an hour to be metabolized and out of your system. The liver can only cope with so much at a time and so excess alcohol is stored in the blood, which in excess can be fatal.

Taking time over drinking means that the liver can cope better and so alcohol will be more effectively metabolized; it also means that a hangover is a lot less likely.

Other factors that affect alcohol absorption are how much food the person has had; how tired they are when they are drinking; any medications that they are taking; and what the alcohol content is of what they are drinking.

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