I'm 14 and my penis is 8'' long and 6'' girth, it's shaved and a bit veiny too?


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april flem answered
Women go insane for a large man who can last. You got the size its the stamina, what you do with your hands and mouth, and what you say that you need to consider. As its said, "the present is nice but its the wrapping paper we rip into that's the fun part!"

Just remember to not rush into sex, if you get a women pregnant now you'll be paying for it the rest of your life.
Andrea Escobar Profile
Andrea Escobar answered
Are you fat? Or ugly?
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dylan ogle answered
Myne is to and I'm really really skinny
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Angela Rocheta answered
It's very normal to think this about your penis. Your still younge and growing up. I don't nessaserly have any other advice to give you other than "we all grow."

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