Is Abundant Milky Type Of Cervical Mucus Meant It Is Ovulation Already Or Just Pre-ovulation?


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Amy Barany answered
Discharge during ovulation is usually clear and stringy, just like egg whites.
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Patty Hone answered
It sounds like pre-ovulation to me.  You will notice your cervical mucus changes as you get closer to ovulation.  It should start to look more like egg white mucus right around ovulation.  However, any type of lubricative mucus can be potentially fertile.  If you are seeing milky cervical mucus you probably are approaching ovulation but just not close enough to ovulation to have the slippery egg white mucus you are looking for.
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Carlos Marino answered

I would recommend reading the book taking charge of your fertility. It has a lot of information about the changes a womans body goes through before ovulation.
Most of the changes are things you wouldn't normally notice such as changes in the texture of your cervical mucus and changes of temperature. I recommend you Ovulation Calculator through this you get instant of knowledge about Ovulation .

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